29 May 2013


I'm not certain what to call the place above Inaka. The teleport from the ground says, "welcome kaso-cyo," and its creator's profile says it's "kaso town," a "japanese syowa town." (Probably if I spoke Japanese I'd know for sure—there's a town named Kazo north of Tokyo, and there are a bunch of towns in Japan named Shōwa, so perhaps it's one of them.) In any case, it's a gorgeous small Japanese village, or a piece of a town—just a few square blocks but beautifully created by dai Lageos and yutopian Burton. It's delightfully evocative.

The central tram that runs on tracks through the town is actually a teleport, which you can use to get to a mid-level platform and all the way down the ground, where shops by Kabuki Ewing and yutopian Burton sell goofy things and landscaping, respectively. If you're a photographer, you're in luck because the rez time for objects here is 180 minutes—and I'll be posting some images on my flickr stream.

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