26 May 2013


Rarely have I seen a landscaping element get so much use in so many places as Alex Bader's Skye Enchanted Tree Tunnel, but its frequent appearances speak to its captivating design. When you arrive at Miniascape, a sim designed by Yazoo Rang, it again will be the first thing you'll see—in this case quite a few of them strung together to form a long winding tunnel that curves gently down a hillside, letting us out at a vast field of grasses and flowers that's host to a stately tree in full bloom.

But Miniascape has a split personality—on the second half of the sim stands a decayed city, its empty buildings toppled over onto broken highways. And back at the landing point you can click on a teleport to take you to Death Valley, situated overhead (photo below—and you can click on all these to zoom in), a barren and somewhat surreal landscape punctuated by a single dead tree. Yazoo tells me that he might remodel the sim soon, so don't wait too long to pay it a visit.

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