18 May 2013

Gehena Vampire Clan

Both ARnnO PlaneR and Juno Angerona nudged me to visit Gehena Vampire Clan, and I'm thankful that they did. Designed over the past several months by LouLou Teichmann with some recent assistance by Neva Crystall, the mysterious feeling island sim opened this week and boasts a sumptuous landscape, richly detailed at every turn. You'll probably need more than one trip to fully explore all the area has to offer.

A dark castle towers over sim, perched on a rocky outcrop to the southwest. Save for a small nightclub, which features a swimming mermaid, the region evokes a time from perhaps a couple hundred years ago, an "old world" sort of feel, and affords many opportunities for photography. In case you're one of those who aren't fond of vampires: although it's a vampire sim—complete with a cemetery, decaying church and bats—one has the sense that visitors are very welcome here, and no one accosted me during my several visits.


  1. Thank you so much, for that wonderful pictures you have taken at Gehena and the beautiful words. I am very thankful you did and a big honor to me having you there. LouLou Teichmann

  2. LouLou, thanks very much for opening your lovely to the public. I look forward many more visits.