15 May 2013

Bryn Oh at the Vienna Museum of Natural History

Tucked away on the sim Forum Europe is Das Naturhistorische Museum Wien, or Museum of Natural History Vienna, and it's something of a relic, seemingly untouched for quite a long time. The second floor is the location of an exhibition of works by Bryn Oh, and she tells me the curious steampunk animals and insects on display are among her first creations. The exhibition, which opened in late 2007, was to last for a month, but now more than five years later the artworks are still on display, sort of frozen in time along with the museum itself.

The very 2007ish backgrounds on the walls don't make it easy to grab images here, so I'm not sure these photos will do the works justice. The objects bear Bryn's unmistakable imprint and style, all but one of them (the Steamclock) some sort of animal. Save for the largest assemblage, =^.^= (second photo here—a cat sculpture, not surprisingly) they're all for sale.

Don't miss the rest of the museum. Aside from a gallery full of dinosaurs (well, it is a museum of natural history!), there are some really fabulous trompe l'oeil rooms that I greatly enjoyed. Designed by Marso Mayo, they must mirror the museum spaces in real life, but the experience of moving through them is delightful and fascinating. So be sure to see those as you explore. (Photo below, but you really have to move through the spaces to see what I mean.)

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