07 May 2013

Hobo Amusement Park

It's just what an amusement park should be: tacky, cheap, silly, blazes of flashing neon, sounds, rides, and so dense that you can't decide which direction to turn next. I arrived at Hobo Amusement Park this evening entirely by accident—I was looking for its creator, Judy Muircastle, without knowing that this was where I'd find her or even that it existed. And that, for me, is one of the joys of wandering around the Second Life grid, always finding myself surprised by things.

This sort of took me way back to earlier in Second Life (pre-Ziki even!)—just the overall design and craziness. But here everything is kept up to date, and Judy's here maintaining things with a sharp eye. There are rides and activities galore—get chased by zombies, ride things that will have you spinning so much you'll really get dizzy, race cars or bikes on the track, head into the Tunnel of Romance, tramp through the Haunted House, bang into your friends in the huge bumper car pavilion and just generally have fun being silly. (And do bring a friend, because it's that kind of place.)

Don't miss the platform overhead, with its demolition derby (my favorite thing as a kid!) and the Wild Thing roller coaster. Tacky freebies are all over the place. Judy says, "This Park is dedicated to the Memory of my late rl Husband Bill who loved amusement parks. He was taken at 28 years old in an auto accident and I know he is looking down at this park and laughing his head off!!" Bill, I have no doubt that wherever you are you're laughing.

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