19 May 2013

The Naked Sky Gallery

For the longest time, Jessica Belmer kept wondering why someone was purchasing just about every image she set out for sale in her gallery—after all, most people have only so much wall space in their homes to display artwork. The answer, as it turned out, is that collector The Cat (or Catredivivus) has plenty of space for them at her gallery, The Naked Sky Gallery, on the sim Naked. The Cat says, "None is for sale, it's just a celebration of artists high in the sky above SL's most elegant nudist resort. No need to be naked to view the gallery!"

It's a pretty impressive survey of Jessica's work, and the gallery is nicely designed, providing good lines of sight and ample space for each object. Also on display here is a smaller collection of works by Harbor Galaxy and a space devoted to images by Mi (Kissme). You'll also spot works by Amona Savira, Anita Witt, Andy Burroughs, Kato Salyut, Ivoni Miles, jerideana Francois, Morgana Nagorski, Winter Nightfire, Jeanette Janus, Milly Sharple, Jim Slater, Hillany Scofield, Moni, Van Caerndow, CaraMia Quan, Crystal Rehula, Freyja and others.

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