25 May 2013


Yesterday I wrote about the sim of feast, and to the northwest lies the sim of PinkSpider, a homestead that looks to be cut into four parcels, all open to the public and quite lovingly designed. I'm somewhat hampered by my inability to speak Japanese, which seems to be a common thread among the sim's owners, but the northwest corner is the Cafe Bluebird (not really a cafe, but you'll see), on the northeast corner is C-Amber (where you can rez things for a few minutes), on the southeast is feuille, and on the southwest is Isha no ie.

Each of these quarter-sim parcels is surrounded by water and elegantly landscaped. I'm always impressed with what's possible with 937 prims. I assume these are private residences, and it's a great gesture to leave them open for everyone to enjoy.

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