10 July 2014

AM Radio Profile by Wagner Au in Polygon

Yesterday, Polygon published a extended feature on artist AM Radio, written by Wagner James Au: AM Radio: the Banksy of Second Life. It's an enlightening read, providing not only an overview of AM's work, but also his reflections — or more properly put, his personal, real life reflections as Jeff Berg — on his career in the virtual art world. It's been in development for several months, and it's nice to finally see it in print.

I was delighted to receive a visit to The Far Away (AM's only remaining build) yesterday evening by Ebbe Linden, who stopped by after reading the article, and I caught up with him after he teleported to my gallery, which is overhead. Joined eventually by Jessica Belmer and a few other friends, we had a lively talk about AM, the next generation virtual world and other stuff, and Ebbe even chipped in with a contribution to support The Far Away (thanks!).


  1. hello. where can i look that train and rails? i visited far way but i think there is different place. could you tell me about what is true?

  2. Hi Shingo. The two images here are from AM Radio's build entitled Surface, but sadly it has now vanished. I loved it for its incredible sense of depth and vista. If you'd like to see more, watch this video: http://vimeo.com/60682703 (it's in there!).

    1. Oh i see i understand. thank u so much for relay to me. ill check it soon that video. thx.