06 July 2014

Us & Them

Now open at SperiMenta and presented in partnership with Talanois Art is Us & Them: The Re-Birth of the Demon by Moeuhane Sandalwood. An overt commentary on society and politics, the work attempts to warn us of the foibles of inflexibility perspectives, and suggests a middle ground of cooperation in an environment supported by quotes from Pablo Casals, Arthur C. Clarke, W. R. Inge, C. J. Sansom and Voltaire. The artist says in part, "We lock ourselves into golden cages. Our discussions run in circles. We forget that we are connected. What comes from the outside is evil, they tell us. It wants to take from us, what we paid for with our own blood, sweat and tears," adding that the installation's portrayal "Is not a work of fiction. It is an image of our time."


  1. "Us and Them"? Hmmm... This does sound like a reference to the Pink Floyd song of the same name.

    1. There is in fact a reference to the song in the exhibit. Though, I only thought about the song after I already had the title of the installation.

    2. I'll visit the installation first chance I get.