14 July 2014

The Boardwalk @ Downstairs

Need to get to the beach but don't have the gas money? If the Jersey Shore is what you have in mind, head over to The Boardwalk, created by Isa Messioptra, Cipher Wandin and Cate Footman at Downstairs, owned by Cate Footman and Mollie MacBeth. It's a delightful sunny stroll above the crashing surf, with a Ferris wheel, a fortune teller, a kissing booth, an arcade, Skee-ball, Zoltar the fortune teller (a mechanized one this time), dart games, face painting, ice cream and other refreshments. Even though it's an adult sim, the whole set-up is very PG. I mentioned to Isa that it reminded me of Cape May, and she agreed, but suggested it might be more "in the mold of Point Pleasant, Seaside Heights and Wildwood."

You can't directly teleport to The Boardwalk — it's really part of Downstairs, which is, paradoxically, located overhead, and that's where the "adult" theme comes more into focus. Originally created as an offshoot from The Chamber, but no longer affiliated, it's a casual place for sexual encounters and roleplay (photo below). When you arrive, head downstairs and then outside, and when you spot the driver's side door on the truck (it's that sort of place), that's your teleport. And you'll need to join the Downstairs group (L$150 — I'm sure it keeps out the riffraff) to reach The Boardwalk, but that's a small cost to pay for supporting a delightful location. Cate tells me she hopes to keep The Boardwalk around for a long time.

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