26 July 2014


Opening today, Saturday, 26 July at 4:00 pm slt at the Kelly Yap Art Gallery is a new installation by Betty Ai Tureaud entitled Fram. In a large space — in which Betty's usually bright colors permeate — we observe five square shapes drift on the same axis but at different speeds, occasionally and apparently randomly reversing directions. Once in a while, they gather together on the same plane, forming a nest of squares inside one another, but more often two or three will align as the others slide through. There's an interesting illusion that occurs as we watch them from the further ends of the gallery: since they're all the same shape, and since we have not much of a spatial frame of reference in the gallery, the largest squares, when recessed, appear momentarily to be about the same size as the smallest. As they converge, sometimes what appeared to be a smaller or larger one turns out to be the opposite. Contributions to the Kelly Yap Art Gallery may be made at the landing point.

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