15 July 2014

Deadpool 2.0

Last fall, the beautiful and macabre sim Deadpool opened its doors — a carnival at which everything had gone wrong — the design of Megan Prumier and Kunt WyxBattitude (a.k.a. xJETx Chrome), about which I blogged here. It eventually closed its doors. But now, says Kunt, so many residents have appealed for a rebuild of the sim that their wishes have been granted: Deadpool Version 2.0. If you visited the first incarnation of Deadpool, the new build will look immediately familiar, with its same circus environment crowned by a tilting Ferris wheels and a dangerously dilapidated roller coaster, the sign for which flickers in the dark night.

And what has been going on here? "In 1972, a traveling circus arrived to the town of Deadpool, welcoming boys and girls of all ages," explain the designers. "But tragedy soon struck when small children and even newborns went missing. The townspeople quickly turned their gaze on the circus clowns, forgetting the nearby asylum. Their macabre acts now discovered, their deaths a tragedy, as zombies arose there was no escape — no longer were they thought of as happy clowns entertaining kids with funny faces and goofy antics, but the very stuff of nightmares. They'd been using the dead kids' corpses and incorporating them into sick and twisted marionettes for their acts, shipping them thru the horrible asylum, and trying to escape through the underwater tunnels of death. Will you make it out through the maze? It's been said that to this day, you can still hear the victims screams emanating from the abandoned carnival grounds."

And you might indeed meet a zombie or two, although the sim isn't damage-enabled, so you're safe to wander about. (You can join the group to rez poses or items, and to shoot zombies.) Aside from the immediate amusement park areas, which are highly visible and include creepy looking rides and games, there are a few other destinations to discover. One is the asylum, reached by a climb up some steep steps, (image below), a place of untold and no doubt horrifying stories. Another is an underground boat ride — you know, one of those tunnel of love style rides on a swan — that might well have you gripping your lover out of fright (lowest image, skeletal hands reaching from a wall).

Deadpool is dense and dark, so it's easy to miss all the opportunities. Many of the small games are interactive — at a zombie shooting booth, for example, click to get a gun — and the Ferris wheel and merry-go-round offer rides. Walking along the path of the broken roller coaster provides an interesting experience in balance and navigation! If you'd like to make a contribution to support Deadpool, there are tip jars located here and there throughout the sim.

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