31 July 2014

Dryland B.D.

Dryland seems to be the sim that just refuses to disappear: despite repeated warnings of its imminent demise, one extension after another has kept it open a little while longer. This time, creator Anita Witt had actually shuttered the sim and had begun to dismantle it when she flooded it with water — intending to document it as such for only a few hours — but liked the result so much that she has opened the doors again for one more week. What we're seeing has been rechristened Dryland B.D., or Dryland before the drought, so we're actually looking back in time to an era earlier than that of the dry seabeds that we have come to know the past couple years — a prequel to Dryland. For those of you with ocean-going vessels, rezzing has been enabled on with one-hour auto-return.

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