09 July 2014

La Notte

Opening today, Wednesday, July 9 at 2 pm slt, is La Notte, a collaborative installation by Giovanna Cerise and Kicca Igaly, celebrating four years of the Galerie Artemis. As curator Duna Gant says, "One theme, two artist's visions...Giovanna Cerise and Kicca Igaly give their very personal interpretations of the universal topic...What is in fact a night? A fantasy or a reality? A time to live or a time to dream?" Their approaches are indeed quite different: Kicca's work, confined the ground and situated near the landing point, depicts a night scene in a park: a homeless individual lies on a park bench, and another stands at a lamp post, perhaps waiting for someone. You'll spot a bottle floating in the river between the two figures — click on it to receive Kicca's notes. Then venture up the stairs into Giovanna's area. subtitled The event horizon (notecard available near the landing point), where translucent textures in fields of black, white, gray and brown create a dreamlike world in which views of archways, walls, doorways and windows emerge and disappear (including sometimes our view of ourselves).

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