12 July 2014

Garlic Breath at Melee Island

High above the narrow shorelines of Melee Island, and reachable only by a steep path that winds its way upward along a sheer rock cliff, stands the picturesque town of Garlic Breath, created by Pamela22 Igaly and 83457point1. Each of its whitewashed cubical houses, evocative of the architecture of Santorini or other Greek islands, enjoys a tremendous vista, looking out across the waters to high mountains that surround the entire sim. Here are there throughout the town are places to sit after your long climb. "I like garlic, and it made me think of garlic and olive oil," Pamela good-naturedly says regarding the name, "but I also wanted a name that sounded a bit funny, since we're goofs."

And there's more to see after your visit to Garlic Breath proper: relax on a sailbed on the waters (watch out for Steve the shark, though!), or head westward across the bay to discover a vinyard and a cozy area surrounding a small pond, over which a windmill lazily turns. (Portions of the island outside the town are still under construction, so your experiences might differ a little.) There's also a broader stretch of beach, too, and, to the south, a lighthouse perched on a rocky outcrop.

While you're enjoying the scenic beauty that Melee Island has to offer, be sure to visit the sim's two resident shops, which operate in partnership: Bokeh, owned by Pamela and managed by 83457point1, and even.flow, owned yingythingy Resident with designs by Pamela. If you'd like to make a contribution to help support Garlic Breath and Melee Island, you can do so at the town's landing point.


  1. I really must get around there: the sim owners have been showing me beautiful pics and now YOU are showing me beautiful pics TOO.

  2. It's a beautiful place — that's why! ;)

  3. An indescribably beautiful place! Thank you for another great travel tip, Ziki! And the Sim is another excellent example of how virtual places can generate REAL feelings - in this case, vivid memories of a wonderful holiday in Greece :-)

  4. You're very welcome, Mith! Glad you enjoy the place.

  5. Beautiful... Imagine arriving there by sailboat. Is it connected to sailable water?

  6. Noodle, it's a standalone island. But within its own waters you could sail.