27 July 2014

Closer Looks

Opening tomorrow, Monday, July 28 at 3 pm slt, at a Sociedad de los Poetas Dementes, is an exhibition of recent works by photographer Melusina Parkin entitled Closer Looks. I've written often about Melusina's work on this blog, and continue to admire her artistry — her ability to strip away elements, reducing a scene to its most basic elements, thereby bringing out lines, shapes and colors we might not have otherwise noticed. Of this exhibition, she says, "Watching things from close up is an amazing practice. Isolating an element or a detail in a scene, focusing on it, is like when you repeat a word in your mind until it loses its meaning: it starts then revealing unexpected associations, suggesting unusual relationships, showing unforeseen details in it. When photographed, the most trivial object, thanks to framing, light, shadows and color handling can acquire a completely different meaning than its own actual or usual one." Each of the forty-four images is for sale. While you're visiting, don't miss the opportunity to see works in the neighboring gallery by Spyder Silverfall, Tsubasa and others.