27 July 2014


Opening today, Sunday, July 27 at 2 pm slt, at LEA1, is Control+Shift+R by Wizard Gynoid. On the sim stands an enormous structure, towering 275 meters into the sky, that consists of more than 14,000 differently colored struts that converge, twelve to a vertex, to form triangular planes and a three-dimensional isotropic grid. "I believe that this grid is the web of space, of the universe. It's a crystalline lattice," Wizzy explained to me. "The geometric object at the exact center of the cubic structure [visible in the lowest image — ZQ] is generating energy pushed through to us from higher dimensions. That object has perfect symmetry. It incorporates both Buckminster Fuller's Vector Equilibrium AND the mystical Merkabah."

And the name Control+Shift+R? That refers back to the wireframe on which Second Life itself is constructed: if you try that key combination (or, on a Mac, Command+Shift+R) you'll see the wireframe, removing the textures we normally view. "To me," said Wizzy, speaking about Control+Shift+R, "this grid made up of equilateral triangles is evoked by the fact that we here in Second Life are all constructed of triangles." As you move or cam about the space, you'll notice immediately that coherence seems to appear and disappear: for a moment we might see a clear path, or a series of parallel lines, only to transform into a more complex fabric. "I attempt to expose the beauty of complex mathematical objects, or I try to share my appreciation of their beauty," adds Wizzy, pictured above.

It's possible to fly through the structure, probably with a few bumps and thumps unless you're quite skilled at zooming through narrow spaces. But you can also take the easy way out with a vertical tour: On the ground at about 128,128 (right in the center of the build) you'll see a blue replica of Wizzy's avatar. Nearby should be (unless it's en route already) a small cube on which you can set for an elevator ride to the top of Control+Shift+R. (Sometimes it might be stuck at the top, in which case fly up to ride it down.) Four more elevators are also down on the ground — I'll let you discover their locations. The build will remain on display from now through the month of August.

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