08 July 2014

.. with love in her heart ..

"A simple homestead by the sea...reminiscent of days gone by," says the description of Sunshine Zhangsun's new sim, ".. with love in her heart ..", a picturesque island surrounded by broad, calm seas. Sunshine tells me that she created the sim "just for the enjoyment, and wanted to share...I had fun and am happy that people are enjoying it." I had last written about her work about a year ago, when I visited Sol Existence, which she co-created with Jac Mornington.

A sliver of beach wraps most of the way around the island, with the exception of rocky promontories to the south and northeast, and all around the island hills rise from the beaches, their smooth shapes suggesting an old, weathered existence. Animals graze on grasses here and there where it manages to grow — sheep, cows, goats and horses, with dogs keeping watch on the herds. A couple of occupied farmhouses, beautifully furnished, stand nearby,and hidden amongst the hills toward the southeast is a lovely lagoon.

You might be tempted to explore by flying around, but I'd recommend a trek on foot: it's just that sort of place, where the sight of something appearing as you round a corner or top a hill can bring a smile to your face. Explorers and photographers both will delight in the sim — rezzing is turned on for ten minutes. If you'd like to make a contribution to support .. with love in her heart .., just hand it to one of the bunnies near the landing point.

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