01 July 2014

Bryn Oh at the Crystal Rose

Now on display at the Crystal Rose Special Events Platform and continuing through July is an exhibition of real life sketches by artist Bryn Oh, created in the development of her project The Daughter of Gears. The process of sketching "usually happens at the start of projects," says Bryn, "and mostly for characters." Additionally on display are some images from the completed installation as well as a external link to machinima.

The exhibition space, owned by Fitch Lekvoda (who plans to host regular art shows, this being the first), is located in a adult sim, Isle of Punishment, and stands above the Club Crystal Rose, described as "a crossover steampunk D/s club in the sky." I mention this for the benefit of those who might hesitate to visit based on the sim's name and its adult rating, and to give reassurance that the exhibition area is quite safe and benign.

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