16 July 2014

Second Life History

Now open at LEA23 and running for two weeks, until July 30, is Second Life History by Sniper Siemens, a delightful visual trek that begins in 2001 with images from LindenWorld and ends in a staircase that ascends toward SL 2.0 in 2015. Using images, written text and objects, we witness through this history year by year, moving along a path that winds through the sim.

I won't spoil the fun by going into too many details, but you'll see things such as the December 2003 introduction of the Linden Dollar, new prim shapes in 2004, the banking shutdown in 2007, the establishment of the adult-oriented Zindra continent in 2009, and the advent of Project Shining and pathfinding in 2012.

It's engaging and lively, and even if you're a new resident or haven't been around for more than a couple years, it's a treat to explore. (Sniper has created a milestone marking the creation of her first avatar, Sniper Archer, in 2005 — I'm sure you'll easily find your own entry point.)

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