09 July 2014

City Windows

Opening today, Wednesday, July 9, at 2 pm slt, is an exhibition of photography by Walt Ireton (Jay Evers in real life) entitled City Windows: Real Life Photos from a Virtual Reality, hosted at Plusia Ars Island. I don't generally cover exhibitions of real life images in Second Life, but this is different: first, the exhibition space, constructed by Walt, is exquisite; and second, the images, taken over the last several months in Enschede and Amsterdam, were taken in shop windows, and often the subjects — or at least the focal points — are mannequins, which are in a way anonymous avatars. Indeed, when I arrived and glanced at the first image, Oranje Deeme, it took me a split second to realize it wasn't a virtual avatar but a figure in a store window, and many of the photos suggest a similar duality. The images are being given their premiere showing in Second Life, and Walt notes that images will be added and deleted as he continues to enlarge the series.

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