29 July 2014


This morning, Honour McMillan poked me with an IM saying only "psssssst" accompanied by a teleport offer, which fortunately I accepted, and arrived at the gorgeous sim of L'Arc-en-Ciel. It's a new design from Asa Vordun, previously creator of Caprice and Easy A, about which I wrote here. (You can enjoy Honour's take on the sim, "Gorgeous Scenery on Don’t Be a Dick Day in Second Life," here.) Truth be told, I don't think there are any rainbows in L'Arc-en-Ciel, but that hardly detracts from the region's stunning beauty.

Asa tells me she continues to make subtle changes to the sim here and there, although it's essentially finished, so you might notice a few differences from images shown here, on which you can click to zoom in. "I love to make something that others could enjoy, too," she remarked. It's a region of not only sweeping vistas but also small details, where we can enjoy a great view but also walk along a path to discover something that emerges right in front of us. Indeed, the landscaping is such that as we pan around, moving our camera along the horizon, our eyes are treated to just enough, whether a rocky outcrop, a campsite, a beach house, a two-masted schooner (which is actually off the sim), a lighthouse, a birdwatch nest, or any one of a number of other elements.

I found it most enjoyable to explore L'Arc-en-Ciel by foot, beginning from the pier at the landing point, which provides remarkable panoramas, then heading onto a series of islands connected by wooden footbridges. Having walked the distance, which snaked around in several directions, I had the sensation of having explored far more than the breadth of one sim. The region's windlight setting is Annan Adored's Mysterious Sunset II, shown below, but I also enjoyed Annan's Morning Dream setting, seen in the first and third images here. Contributions to L'Arc-en-Ciel may be made along the pier as you walk toward land.

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