23 January 2014

Art India Gallery Shop

Opening today, Thursday, January 23 at 1 pm slt, is a new shop space at the Art India Gallery, curated by my friend and blogger Quan Lavender. Designed by Haveit Neox, the shop will feature rotating displays (changing bi-monthly) of various works for sale, either through vendors or via links to the Marketplace. The inaugural artists include Alia Baroque, Bonafide Aries, Dizzy Banjo & Eshi Otawara, LeMelonRouge Onyett, Lilianna Clarity, Milly Sharple, Paco Pooley, RAG Randt, Rebeca Bashly, Rodriguez Munro and Spooky Mistwallow. Additionally, Quan has set out for sale a large assortment of "FUSE" lamps by Trill Zapatero, which are delightfully playful and unique.

While you're visiting, you might want to slip into the gallery itself to view the current exhibitions of artworks: Faces by Lilianna Clarity and Relation Tower by Robin Moore.

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