14 January 2014


When I pulled up Honour McMillan's blog today and read her post on the sim Vana, I set off to explore as soon as I could. Owned and designed by Princess Fur (Fur Yifu), it's a region of intoxicating beauty bathed in blue, violet and red light. Princess Fur is a Fae, and the sim is her roleplay home, but the doors seem to be open and welcoming to visitors, and, according to Maddy Gynoid's comment on Honour's post, it's connected to about forty other roleplay regions. (I haven't ventured forth to explore the others but look forward to doing so.)

The extensive build on Vana rises 700 meters into the sky using a series of rocky platforms, all connected by wooden bridges or ropes, and many with their own micro-environments or distinctive structures. To easily move around (unless you're keen on flying up that high or walking a great distance), you'll need to discover the teleport system: look for a dark circular stone surrounded by three crystals, which gives you the choice of locations: bar, elements, elves, light flower, guild, Vana sky, henge or skylet. When I arrived and began to take photos, the sim was quite dark and mysterious, but to my surprise over time it brightened considerably as its own day cycle moved forward, with dark hues giving way to pastels (middle image).

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