24 January 2014

Avalon Town Grand Reopening

A couple months ago, the then-estate owner of Avalon Town, Colleen Kesey, announced that she would be closing down her group of sims, long a mainstay of the arts community. (See here for a blog post.) However, Tricia Aferdita stepped in to purchase a pair of the regions, Tabula rasa and Amicus curiae, and has worked to rebuild and reignite the gallery and residential scene—click here to reach the landing point. A grand Avalon Town re-opening is scheduled for tomorrow, Saturday, January 25, from 5 to 8 pm slt. (A third neighboring sim, Cor unum, was purchased by Aisling Sinclair—I understand Taralyn Gravois may be creating a gallery there.)

Most of the galleries in Avalon are on the upper sim of Tabula rasa, and among the artists who have moved in—and I'm likely to miss a couple, so please send me corrections—are Adrian Deschanel, Alexx Fenstalker, Antenna Rae, Cat Boccaccio, Daire Aeon, Douglas Story & Desdemona Enfield, Een Maculate, Em Larsson, Gala Caproni, Jessica Belmer, JudiLyn India, Kayly Iali, LeonTubrok Beaumont, Lusus Saule, Mia Anaïs (Marleeoneal). Nils Ophelia, Ohsoleomio, Ragamuffin Kips, sakura2 Dryke (sakura2 Kohime), Samara Furse-Barzane, Sandy Schnook, Scottius Polke, Sheba Blitz, Terra Tepper, Tessa (Tesserae Swansong), Winter Hendes and the Icarus collective of LeonTubrok, iSkye Silverweb and Nyx Ivory. If you're an artist looking for space, a few galleries are still available.

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