01 January 2014

Collins Land

Today, January 1, Cerys Collins reopened her sim, Collins Land, after significant renovations. The region has been a favorite of explorers and photographers, and I'm sure that tradition will continue. Visitors arrive in a small greenhouse located near the very center of the region, a rocky island with tall cliffs that overlook the surrounding sea. Upon exiting the greenhouse (which contains a guest book and contribution mushroom, as well as a map showing the location of other guests), visitors can set out on a winding road that snakes around the sim, offering a path upward to the right or downward to the left.

The way up leads to a lovely home and garden—be careful passing under the log bridge on your way there—while downward heads toward the shore, eventually leading to a welcoming boathouse. (Be sure to visit the little apartment on the upper floor of the boathouse.) Hidden in the thick woods between the bends in the road are more places to discover—a campsite, a pond scene, a faery ring, and a loft in a tree. A zipline leads from the road down to a smaller island situated in the region's southwest corner. It's raining there, but you'll find a hidden, cozy space in which to warm yourself. And, further south, the wreck of a boat lies crushed against a protruding rock. If you'd like to be able to rez objects, just join the Collins Land group as you arrive.


  1. Thank you for sharing these wonderful photos. I made a trip there tonight and took some photos for my own blog. Greatly appreciated!

  2. My pleasure, Eddi—I'm glad you enjoyed the visit!