11 January 2014

Open Machinima Lecture

Have you ever considered making machinima, but weren't sure how to go about it? (Or maybe you're not even quite sure what "machinima" is!) Then today, Saturday, January 11 at 12 pm slt, venture over to LEA20—home of Moving Islands [Rafts]for a presentation by Ole Etzel (Mr. Bones in disguise), who will answer questions such as:
  • What is machinima?
  • How do I go about making machinima?
  • What software should I use?
  • ...and more!
When you arrive at the sim, look for the little box on the floor, positioned under the sign you see above (courtesy of Eupalinos Ugajin), and click on it to get a teleport to the machinima workshop site. Be sure to visit the remarkable installations on the sim while you're visiting.

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