08 January 2014


Caitlin Tobias posted a few days ago on her blog, Cait's World, about a distinctive looking place called [europa], and I headed over yesterday to explore. Designed and owned by Kaz (a.k.a. Kazuhiro Aridian), the sim is home to his shop, which features lots of unusual humanoid and non-humanoid avatars (and other things, including some freebies) sculpted in Maya. A statue of one of his creations, Lord Syncrasis, stands protectively overlooking the shop and sim.

Bathed in a bluish light, the region consists of a cluster of rocky islands—a few connected with wooden footbridges—that are home to lush green grasses and trees as well as an abundance of enormous dark reddish mushrooms—some large enough to serve as platforms on their own. The images here were all taken using the region's default environmental settings, but it's possible to achieve some striking scenes using other settings as well, and rezzing is available, too, for photographers who would like to set up posed shots.

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