23 January 2014

The Infinity Space

Opening tomorrow, Friday, January 24 at 2 pm slt, is The Infinity Space by Betty Tureaud. True to its name, it's a very horizontal space that appears to recede indefinitely from its center—or from wherever one happens to be—through the use of enormous transparent grids criss-crossed with slightly askew, brightly colored, enormous prims—they extend way past the edges of the sim, so we're not able to reach the far recesses. Circling about near the landing point are small fuschia-colored tetrahedrons, and you're invited to take a seat on one to get the full effect.

Viewing in mouselook seems most effective while traveling around on a tetrahedron—one really sees a mesmerizing flow of colors against the grids while in motion, with x and y lines slowly interchanging—and, although I hesitate to draw a comparison between The Infinity Space and the horizontal portion of Douglas Trumbell's amazing Star Gate sequence from 2001: A Space Odyssey, I have to admit that my mind did make the connection. Musician Ultraviolet Alter will give a live performance during the opening.

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