03 January 2014

Flash Mob

On LEA26 and LEA27, which would have remained vacant for a month during the transition between old projects and new, curator Secret Rage is undertaking an experimental collaborative project, Flash Mob, that she describes as "a sort of spur of the moment immediate art show": She has invited artists to contribute one or two works (no more than 200 prims) that will be displayed during the month of January. Right now, the sims are fairly empty, but are sure to begin to fill. This is an excellent opportunity for emerging artists to have their work displayed, and also a great way in which to see a broad variety of artworks by a diverse cross-section of SL artists.

Secret adds, "As soon as you send it to me (providing I am online at that moment), your pieces will be added to the collection on display immediately...it will continue to grow for as long as the 30,000 prims hold out...so please! Start sending me pieces! Size does not matter for the most part—so larger pieces are fine—but please not full sim sized pieces! :) For the times when i am NOT online...it may be best to send it in a box called Flash Mob and include your name. One thing to keep in mind: this is a moderate sim so use your best judgement. Please share this with any artists you may know...the more the merrier!!" There isn't any specific theme to the show, and objects may not be set to sale. (Photographers are also invited to submit material, but Secret requests that images be mounted on prims, as they would be displayed in a gallery.)

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