09 January 2014

Tierra de Fuego

If I were a frequent flyer, I'd think twice about booking a flight out of Tierra de Fuego, a new sim by Ash (Ashratum) and Quika Basevi with an aviatic theme. It's true that one plane seems to have taken off from the too-short runway at Cape Horny Airport, but two others have met with less fortunate circumstances: the remains of one rest on top a cafe, nose down, while the fuselage of another has been blown out by a bomb. Other airport-related buildings and objects are here and there throughout the industrial-looking sim, including a control tower, hangars, maintenance buildings and so on.

But there's more than what might first meet the eye: Tierra de Fuego is an adult sim with a playful disposition. The airport's security checkpoint includes a strip search, for example, and opportunities for sexual encounters (solo, couples and more, consensual and rlv) are found at every turn—even some objects that might appear to be benign present frisky opportunities. (That wheelbarrow? It's not really just a wheelbarrow.) One watering hole is the Gagged Bear (middle image), and you'll discover other social gathering spots too. (Of course, you can also just enjoy the sim by wandering and exploring!)

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