05 January 2014

Romeo & Juliet at the Basilique Playhouse

Back in April 2013, when the Basilique Playhouse premiered Romeo & Juliet, a musical adaptation of Shakespeare's masterpiece, Canary Beck, Harvey Crabsticks and the others behind the production had only intended to stage four performances. Instead, the production took off, was written about by dozens of bloggers, and continued with shows running all the way through the end of the year. It's an enjoyable and engrossing event—and staging something like this isn't easy. Read more about it on Canary's blog, Song from the Coalface, if you're curious about the technology and other effort involved in getting this off the ground.

Now, while Canary, Harvey and friends work on their next major production, an adaptation of John Milton's Paradise Lost (with Mozart's unfinished Requiem as a music score), they've announced additional performance dates for Romeo & Juliet for winter 2014 (excepting one that took place today, too quickly for me to respond):
Saturday, January 11, 1 pm slt
Sunday, January 19, 12 pm slt
Saturday, January 25, 1 pm slt
Saturday, February 1, 1 pm slt
Saturday, February 8, 1 pm slt
Friday, February 14, 1 pm slt

The performances are free, but space at the Basilique Playhouse is limited to 30 patrons, so plan to arrive early to find a seat. If you enjoy Romeo & Juliet, please consider leaving a contribution to help support the theatre and other activities at Basilique, about which I hope to write soon—there's more to do and see!

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