21 January 2014

Fuschia's Collection

Stop by LEA22 to visit Fushia's Collection, a display of artworks from the inventory of Fushia Nightfire, on view as part of the Interim Project at the LEA sims through the month of January. In addition to many of Fushia's own objects, you'll see items by other Second Life artists, collected over the past six years; Fushia's collaborations with other creators; her "Freebie Junk Shop," which includes things from previous projects; some of her Greenies collection; and "lots of other useless junk." (I even spotted ancient trees by Baron Grayson.) The artists represented include AM Radio, barry Richez, Chuckmatrix Clip, Elros Tuominen, Feathers Boa, Gabba Loon, Gfresh Botha, Gracie Kendal, Indigo Hornet, Kolor Fall, LawnDart Curtiss, Light Waves, mcarp Mavendorf, Omni Market, Paulette Felisimo, Rag Randt, Rose Borchovski, Sabrinaa Nightfire, Saiwun Yoshikawa, Scottius Polke, soror Nishi, Spiral Silverstar, Tegan Jenvieve, Trill Zapatero, Tyrehl Byk, Ub Yifu, victorn Oppewall, Winter Nightfire and others.

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