15 January 2014

Ride the Universe

Gem Preiz is a busy artist this month: not only has his massive installation A Cathedral Dreamer opened at LEA6 (about which I wrote here), but also a major exhibition of his works, Ride the Universe, has just opened at The Rose Theatre & Art Gallery, curated by Kylie Sabra. About two dozen fractal art images are on display in the front part of the gallery, on a more personal scale than at LEA6, and an exhibition catalogue is available as well.

But the really fun part of the exhibition—the "Ride the Universe" part—lies beyond this front gallery. Locate the large red flower and have a seat on it to enter a series of immersive rooms—the rose is actually a vehicle and will take you on a tour (the second and third images here being a couple samples from the many spaces through which you'll travel). Here, I found that mouselook was the best option and really gave me a sense of being in the artwork—my sense of depth diminished, and correspondingly the two dimensional surfaces took on a three dimensional feel as I moved along and through. The entire space—the front gallery and the immersive ride—was designed by Kylie Sabra, who did a remarkable job of elegantly fitting the tour inside the 60x40 meter exhibition hall.

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