17 January 2014

Fundraisers for Parkinson's

About a year ago, Hamlet Au blogged the remarkable story of Fran (or Fran Seranade in Second Life), an octogenarian with Parkinson's Disease who seemed to be experiencing a significant recovery of movement as a result of spending time in Second Life. I've had the great pleasure of spending time with Fran and with her daughter, Barbie Alchemi in Second Life, as well as others who believe that Second Life may be beneficial to those with Parkinson's, including the architect DB Bailey (about whom you can read here).

Today and tomorrow, there are a couple of events designed to raise funds for Team Fox, the grassroots community fundraising program at The Michael J. Fox Foundation. The first, which is beginning just now as I post this, is at Ce Soir Arts (top image)—three hours of music hosted by Barbie Alchemi, Mireille Jenvieve and Aeon Woodford, for Creations for Parkinson's Team Fox, running from 12 noon slt to 3 pm slt. (And after that, you can visit Ce Soir's conservatory, where art by Carlotta Ceawlin is on display.)

The second event takes place tomorrow (Saturday, January 18) at Angelwood Bay Art Center (lower image) at 2 pm slt, when the dance group The Dazzlers will perform, hosted by angel Kingmaker, Erica Renee (Eric Difference) and Solas NaGealai. Tickets for this event are L$300 and can be purchased in advance from the organizers.

Additionally, tonight at Creation's Park from 6 to 8 pm slt, stop by for dancing and fun with DJ Graywolf, who will interview Barbie and Fran in person between sets, all streamed on XTC Radio.


  1. Thank you, Ziki, for posting about these events for Creations for Parkinsons TEAM FOX. We at Ce Soir Arts were pleased to host an event benefiting this group and the work they are doing. As part of the Michael J. Fox Foundation's TEAM FOX, Barbie and her mother Fran inform and support many, raising funds for the ongoing research that is focused on discovering a cure for Parkinson's Disease.
    Fran's story is compelling and points to the many potential benefits of virtual realityin general - and Second Life in particular. Not only is she deriving health and other benefits from her participation in-world, but also she is making a lovely difference for others by the encouragement and fundraising that is part of her Second Life.
    We thank you for sharing this information with the community, Ziki, and we thank the fine musicians who made our event at Ce Soir Arts so much fun - TwinGhost Ronas, Saintess Larnia, BAZ, DRAGONFLY, Lisa Brune (and Jordan Reyne who unfortunately could not make it in-world). Their kindness and the incredible generosity of those wonderful people who came to the event meant that $L60,000 was raised over the three hours because of their caring and giving.
    There are many events held in SL benefiting several reputable organisations. Thank you, Ziki, for sharing about those and the many beautiful, creative places and happenings in Second Life in your wonderful blog. The community benefits from all you share here, and we appreciate that very much. AND your photography is stunning! Thank you for that photo of our place – we love it!
    Best always – from Aeon and Mireille…

  2. My pleasure, Mireille, and I'm glad the event was a success.