05 January 2014

City Details by Melusina Parkin

Opening today, Sunday, January 5 at 1 pm slt at the ImagineNation Gallery, curated by Warren Ochs and Cindy Ochs (a.k.a. Cindy Starostin), is an exhibition of works, City Details, by the excellent photographer Melusina Parkin. I've expressed my admiration for her artworks in the past on this blog, and the images in the current exhibition continue along the strong lines she has established. A master of light, shadows and lines, Melusina does a striking job of drawing out things that we might not at first notice, making us aware of the world around us in a new way. To reach her exhibition, proceed into the ImagineNation Gallery, then upstairs to the middle area, where you'll find twenty-three mostly new images.


  1. Honored with your words, Ziki. Thank you for visiting my exhibit :)

  2. Thanks—I hope to be able to join you both later today!