20 January 2014

Thea Dee at LEA18

Now on display at LEA18 and continuing through the end of January, as part of the Interim Project, is an exhibition of photography by Thea Dee that features 72 images. The work documents a broad array of regions, location and events, including Bay City, Shermerville, the Spencer Museum of Art (a Petrovsky flux), Neva River, Pravda, Omega Point, Hazardous, Noweeta Grasslands, Pangloss, Roche, Virtual Chelsea, Calas Galadhon, Humanoid, Chakryn Forest and others.

The exhibition is invitingly designed in a series of twelve pergolas that wrap around a central lake, all set in a grove of mountain pines, although I did find myself wishing that the images were larger and more boldly displayed. A notecard that accompanies the exhibition includes landmarks to many of the locations.

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