08 January 2014

The Wonderful World of Particles

Mary Wickentower has organized The Wonderful World on Particles on LEA13 as one of the Linden Endowment for the Arts "Interim" projects that run during the month of January, featuring works by her colleagues, Team Wickentower. We see particles all the time in Second Life—fire, smoke and so on—but if you're not familiar with particle art this is a great opportunity to see a wide array of possibilities. (Almost by definition particles are in motion, so these images really don't begin to capture the look and feel of the installations.)

Featured on the sim are quite a few things to enjoy:
  • Le Musee de Particules;
  • Particle art installation by Lexi Marshdevil;
  • Particle photography by Particle Tom;
  • Particle sculpture by Particle Tom;
  • The Garden of Particles by Danya Sadofsky;
  • Particle shows by particle performers (to be announced);
  • An old fashioned drive-in theater featuring the particle films of Mary Wickentower, for example Redemption.
And more things will come along during the month—for example, on January 19 at 1 pm slt, Particle Tom will give a live performance with music by Jed Luckless. I'm not certain of the best way to keep informed about upcoming events—there is a marquee on the sim's theatre—but I will try to post dates and information here as I find it. The sim is sponsored in part by AviewTV.

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