18 January 2014

City's Two Faces

Opening tomorrow, Sunday, January 19 at 12:30 pm slt, is an exhibition of photography by Melusina Parkin at the Galeria Lezspain. Continuing her investigation into urban landscapes, the exhibition, which spans two floors, is entitled City's two faces, or Las dos caras de la ciudad, and her works, as always, exquisitely capture moments in time bathed in light and shadows. She says, "My archive is filled with pictures of cities, and I selected some 35, depicting the ugly and the fair in the SL representation of urban environments. Sad outskirts and pretty streets of nice houses, dark alleys and pleasant corners, lonely places and delightful buildings alternate in these photos..." Even though the exhibition is on the sim Lesbian Lezspain Club, I assume gentlemen are very welcome to attend the opening and to enjoy the gallery, which is curated by Annie Rothlisberger and Bimba Orfan.


  1. Great Melusina, I love her work and this exhibition is just adorable!

  2. Thanks, Luciana and Luzie. I always make sure to visit Melusina's exhibition, which are consistently strong.

  3. esta muy buena la ciudad con dos caras. a la primera vista puede parecer mecanica, calculadora, y fria. pero si ves mas aya le empicas a sentir el aire de su aliento, su esperanza en medio de vacio, su alma. me gusto mucho. no se la pierdan