04 January 2014


Ready to get soaking wet? Then pay a visit to Concetta Curtiz's Wetlands, a region as lush with foliage as any I've seen—silver palms and oaks trees thick with Spanish moss are surrounded by jungle plants and a heavy dose of mist. Throughout most of this tropical sim, it's raining steadily and relentlessly, the waters flowing off the trees and plants into the nearby swamps and waterways. When you arrive, you'll find yourself on a small platform along the edge of one of these tributaries, and the airboat right there might be the best way to start your voyage: just take it downriver until you arrive at the main dwelling on the sim. (The nearby crashed plane no doubt testifies as to the hazards of attempting to travel in this place.) A few other structures—homes and buildings, some a bit dilapidated from the effects of the climate—are here and there throughout the jungle.

Not everything at the Wetlands is tropical: on the east side of the sim, there's an area with an entirely different climate, where it's quite frozen over. Somehow Concetta has managed to make this odd but beautiful section not seem the least bit out of place, and there's a iced over pond where you can rez a sled. The region is adult, but there's very little here that would give even the most conservative types much pause: and to find that, you'll have to enter the labyrinthian tunnel system that lies under the chapel and cemetery on the northeast corner of the Wetlands. Special thanks to Naxos Loon and Piedra Lubitsch for recommending my visit.

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